Tuesday, March 9, 2010


All of a sudden, I'm worn out. The energy I've been running along the past few weeks has finally petered out and I've gotten stuck trying to think of where to draw strength again. I look inwards and remember God, and I grasp desperately onto that hand. It suffices and I know it'll prevent me from totally bottoming out in terms of emotional, mental and spiritual fuel, but nonetheless there's a sense of lack.

It isn't that I find a lack in the Lord or anything, as I know that beyond all comprehension, I do feel a sense of reassurance in remembering what He is and stands for. But it is still difficult to rouse myself to do the day to day things I should be doing. I have the ultimate 'power core', that which will bring me to the final and ultimate end that I desire. But again, I feel like I need a bit of the 'mundane' stuff also to help me get through the steps I need to survive and flourish in this Earth that I've been born into.

Maybe I just needed a breather.

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